RORC Offshore Racing

All boats are equal in RORC thanks to the IRC rating system. Super yachts don’t  often win.

- Isak Dinesenb


The cure for anything is saltwater

- sweat, tears, or the sea.



Yes all boats are equal thanks to the IRC rating system. This does not however allow for a poor crew or a poorly maintained yacht. Our key yacht is continuously being updated and improved to find that little extra required to win. Maintenance is ongoing to keep her tip top.

That means we are left without excuses when we race. Its down to the skipper and crew.

RORC events are therefore competitive, exhilaratingly, well organised and popular. Racing fleets attract the professionals and the novices alike.

With the rating system different conditions will favour different boats, as a rule of thumb smaller yachts fair better in lighter conditions whilst bigger boats like a blow. That said last years RORC Fastnet qualifiers brought both surprising and predictable results.

We wont take complete novices when racing offshore, its not your skill level we are worried about just your experience at sea. Try joining us for a training weekend first, get a taste and decide if its for you.

We race as a TEAM. That means total involvement, your not a passenger your essential crew on a yacht race.

If you would like to join us please let us know.


Cervantes Trophy  


Myth of Malham (Eddystone)


Morgan Cup Race


Volvo Round Ireland


St Malo Race


De Guingand Bowl Race


De Guingand Bowl


Cherbourg Race


ROLEX Fastnet Race 2017


ROLEX Middle Sea Race



ROLEX Caribbean 600


5th-7th May 2018

26th-28th  May 2018

22nd -23rd  June 2018

30th June 2018

13th July 2018

22nd July 2016

25th August 2018

7th September 2018

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